1. 10 Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Seniors

    Today, there are more people who are living longer than in any time in history. This means the population of seniors has continued to soar over the past two decades and thanks to higher life expectancy, more people are expected to reach this age. This projection brings a health question in which se…Read More

  2. Keeping Seniors Safe At Home

    The decision has been made to keep your aging parent at home a little while longer or they are living with you, but you cannot be there 24/7 and need to take a few safety precautions when you cannot be there. The chance of Falling is the premiere nemeses of aging men and women As 1 in 4 adults over…Read More

  3. Support for Senior Health & Fitness Needs

    Staying active in your senior years is an important part in preventing the risk for certain diseases or managing a pre-existing condition. Wednesday, May 30 is the 25th annual National Senior Health & Fitness Day®. The common goal for this day is to help keep older Americans healthy and fit. H…Read More

  4. Do Seniors Need To Eat Differently? (Part One)

    Aging. We all go through it and it’s something there is no fountain of youth to drink from, and it’s conventional wisdom and society saying that it has to be a certain way. People are accepting that as seniors continue to age, they’ll feel tired and achy, but what if the narrative you believe,…Read More


    Written by Virginia Sole-Smith YOUR METABOLISM TUNE-UP PLAN “Unfortunately, there’s no spigot you can turn on to flush excess calories out of your fat stores” and speed up your metabolism, says Ronnett. But you can keep your metabolism stable—and maybe even give it a bit of a boost—by maki…Read More


    Written by Virginia Sole-Smith Your metabolism keeps your heart beating, your blood flowing, your brain thinking, and your muscles moving. Is it any wonder it doesn’t want to be rushed?   Here’s the skinny on the way this stubborn system works, and how you might be able to speed it up—in spi…Read More

  7. It’s Time to Take Charge of Your Lifestyle

    Many people see aging as the ultimate loss of control, and I can’t blame them. Instead of acknowledging and honoring the aging process, our culture deplores it and pours billions of dollars into fighting it. However, it happens anyway. As a result, many of those who have aged see themselves as def…Read More

  8. Senior Fitness Tips: How to Increase Your Mobility

    When you’re older, mobility is no joke. You tend to encounter a limited range of motion, joints that don’t move as far as they used to, and pain when you try to push yourself beyond your limits. This, in turn, tends to contribute to a downward spiral: It hurts when you move, so you move less. Mo…Read More

  9. 7 Senior Fitness Tips for Reducing Falls

    With the 10th annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day coming up on September 22, we’d like to focus our next few blog posts on some tips and tricks for helping you to increase your balance and reduce falls. When you were a kid, you bounced back from falls, but now that you’re older, a fall can be …Read More