1. Do Seniors Need To Eat Differently? (Part Two)

    In our first post about senior nutrition, we examined how senior nutrition changes over time and the specific macro and micronutrients that seniors need to increase as they age. In today’s post, we’ll continue looking at a couple more nutrition pieces, in addition to how seniors health affects t…Read More


    Written by Virginia Sole-Smith YOUR METABOLISM TUNE-UP PLAN “Unfortunately, there’s no spigot you can turn on to flush excess calories out of your fat stores” and speed up your metabolism, says Ronnett. But you can keep your metabolism stable—and maybe even give it a bit of a boost—by maki…Read More

  3. Even a Little Bit of Physical Activity Can Help the Heart

    Most exercise recommendations include several sessions of moderate to vigorous activity each week, but not all adults are physically up to the task. There’s a lot of back and forth among experts on just how much activity people need to enjoy health benefits, and whether it’s the intensity of e…Read More

  4. Is Fitness Over 50 Even Possible?

    In real estate, there’s a saying that the best time to buy a house was yesterday. In other words, the more time that passes by, the higher the prices go, and the more you regret not jumping on the deal you saw three months ago. This sound logic applies to your fitness and wellness also. Every year…Read More

  5. Fitness Over 50 When You Were Out Of Shape from 25-50

    When you were 25, you were at your prime: You felt invincible. You were in the best shape of your life. You thought nothing could ever come in the way of that. In fact, you may have thrown off caution and said to yourself, “I can eat whatever I want, and nobody’s going to tell me no.” But you …Read More

  6. Get the Silver Surfers on Facebook

    Experts say using social media can help prevent decline in elderly’s health   From www.dailymail.co.uk – August 7, 1:08 PM Pensioners who spend time online do not feel as lonely as others their age, which could stunt deterioration of physical and mental health, according to the research. T…Read More


    EAT LESS  -  LIVE LONGER EATING LESS Putting just a bit less on your dinner plate each day might be key to a longer life, preliminary research suggests. People who reduced their caloric intake by just 15 percent over two years experienced a significant decrease in their metabolism, according to a …Read More

  8. Finding Motivation for Fitness When You’re Over 50

    Fitness over 50 is no joke, especially if you have been out of shape for years. If it’s hard for a 25-year-old to get motivated to go to the gym, start a jogging routine, or start exercising consistently, it’s that much harder for you. I understand completely. When I was 75, I had been out of sh…Read More

  9. 4 Reasons Why Seniors Struggle to Get the Exercise They Need

    Most people (of any age) know very well that they should exercise, but they struggle to do it. However, the excuses seem to compound themselves with age, making it seem like you’ll never get in shape. Don’t lose hope! You are not helpless, you are not doomed, and you do have choices. Part of kno…Read More