Week Four Recap – Week Five Preview




Week 4 activities consisted of 4 exercises performed at maximum of 30 seconds each. Week 4 also initiated a walking undertaking.  Were you able to find a suitable location to walk?

We added an additional small meal 3 hours after you rise each morning. Was this hard to do?

I also asked you to use the Progressive Picture & Measurement Chart and fill in information  for your first Month’s accomplishments. Were you able to take a comparable picture? Was there a sizable change in your measurements? How do you feel after one month on your 3 month program? How does your achievement compare with mine back 2013?






This week we will continue with our 4 exercises and approximately 20 minutes of walking. We are up almost up to 30 minutes of activity daily. Is it becoming easier? Are becoming stronger and more fit?


We are going to add “one small thing” to out busy schedule. This exercise is called: Leg Raise Vault.

Find the corresponding Leg Raise Vault Workout Chart that was included in your Package you received on Week One

When you finish this preview go to the bottom and find the (Click Here) to download the new workout and familiarize yourself with the activity.  You should have received this package on the Saturday prior to the start of Week 5. You will have Sunday to prep for starting the new exercise on Monday.    

If you have any trouble with anything refer back to the Introduction Guidelines page, and refresh your memory. 

Be sure to download and read my WEEK FIVE WORKOUT DIARY at the start of each week. This you give you a preview of my personal experiences, successes, shortcomings and will provide a benchmark for you to compare your progress with mine at age 75.


The WELLNESS Portion of our program will add a new “one small thing” added this week is: Add 30 seconds of some kind of exercise before your lunch and dinner. Download and read the WEEK FIVE DIARY  and it will explain the reasoning and benefits of this task. This new chore is addition to:

  • Drinking 8 glasses of water daily
  • Drinking 2 Vitamin Shoppe’s supplemental cocktails daily
  • Drinking 1 bottle of BOOST each morning
  • Adding 1 small meal 3 hours after rising daily


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If you have any questions go to the CONTACT ME tab at the bottom of every page on my website.