Week Seven Recap – Week Eight Preview





Week 7 activities consisted of 6 exercises performed at maximum of 30 seconds each. In addition, approximately 20 minutes of walking time and Night time Push-Ups was added.  Even with rest between these 6 exercises and a 20 minute walk, we are still, in the neighborhood of 30 minutes of activity. Did you ever think you could comfortably fit that much action in that short period of time?

We should be getting close to establishing a 30 second maximum benchmark in some of the early workouts assigned in Week One. Go back and watch those videos and pay attention to the total repetitions I performed in each. That number if probably the maximum that need be reach in each workout.  If you want to further develop specific areas of your body, concentrate on those regions by, performing additional sets.

What has been your most difficult phase of the WELLNESS PORTION of the weight loss program? I have been using the Dietetic Supplements consistently since 2013. I have found that getting my daily required amount of; Protein – Carbohydrates – and “Good” Fats, I am very rarely “Really Hungry.”

I have learned to eat until “I’M ALMOST FULL!”  I pretty much eat what I want just not as much as I used to. Once I hit my target weight and body measurements, it is real simple to maintain that balance. If I overindulge one day, I simply compensate by cutting back, a little the next day.






Week Eight, we will continue with our 6 exercises and approximately 20 minutes of walking  and Night time Push-Ups.  Do your best to meet or exceed the suggest daily goals until you reach the maximum number of reps. that can be performed in 30 Second.  

We are going to add one more, “one small thing” to our busy schedule.

This exercise is called:


This exercise will further strengthen and tone your upper arms and shoulders.

Download and watch the “Upright Rowing” Video to see the proper way to do this workout.  

You should have received (via your email) WEEK EIGHT package on the Saturday prior to the start of Week 8. You will have Sunday to prep for starting the new exercise on Monday.               

If you have any trouble with anything, refer back to the Introduction Guidelines page, and refresh your memory.      

Be sure to download and read my Week 8 Workout Diary Recount at the start of each week. This you give you a preview of my personal experiences, successes, shortcomings and will provide a benchmark for you to compare your progress with mine at age 75.


At the end of week eight, open the Progressive Picture & Measurement Chart (this is the one you entered you starting picture and measurements). Take a new picture (with a similar pose as Starting and first month) and enter you new measurements and weight.  



Wellness Portion’s new “one small thing” added this week is:

Adding two small snacks daily,

One between lunch and dinner, another after dinner, before 7:00 pm

 Download and watch the Week 8 Workout Diary and it will explain the reasoning and benefits of this task. This new chore is addition to:

  • Drinking 8 glasses of water daily
  • Drinking 2 Vitamin Shoppe cocktails daily
  • Drinking 1 bottle BOOST each morning
  • Adding 1 small meal 3 hours after rising daily
  • Add 30 seconds of activity prior to Lunch and Dinner
  • Add 2 snacks, 1 before Lunch and 1 before Dinner
  • Watching your snacking after 7:00 pm.
  • Planning your meals in advance.


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