Week Six Recap – Week Seven Preview




Week 6 activities consisted of 6 exercises performed at maximum of 30 seconds each. Approximately 20 minutes of walking time was added. Even with rest between these 6 exercises and d a 20 minute walk, we are still under a total of 30 minutes of activity.

We should be getting close to establishing a 30 second maximum benchmark in some of the early workouts assigned in Week One. Go back and watch those videos and pay attention to the total repetitions I performed in each. That number is probably the maximum that need be reach in each workout.  If you want to further develop specific areas of your body, concentrate on those regions by, performing additional sets.

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This week we will continue with our 6 exercises and approximately 20 minutes of walking.  

We are going to add one more, “one small thing” to our busy schedule. This exercise is called:


Just prior to getting into bed, do as many full Push Ups you comfortably perform.  My personal goal was to reach 25 Push-ups nightly.  I find that number is taxing but not over burdening.

You should have received WEEK SEVEN package on the Saturday prior to the start of Week 7 You will have Sunday to prep for starting the new exercise on Monday.          

If you have any trouble with anything, refer back to the Introduction Guidelines page, and refresh your memory.  

Be sure to download and read my Weekly Preferred  Member Weekly Diary Recount at the start of each week. This you give you a preview of my personal experiences, successes, shortcomings and will provide a benchmark for you to compare your progress with mine at age 75.

Wellness Dietetic Supplement’s  new “one small thing” added this week is:  


“Take and hour and sit down and plan your meals for the next week.”

Pre-planning will save you time and avoid your ingesting a ton of unhealthy calories. When you shop check the “Nutritional Facts” label on all the items. By law this guideline is attached to almost every packaged food group. Watch you calorie intake and plan your menus so you don’t exceed the “Daily recommended intake” in each category listed. This may take a little extra time but it is well worth the effort. Being “Nutrition Conscious” doesn’t mean you have to be health-food FANATIC. It just means you will be more aware of WHAT and HOW  you “intelligently” consume your food. 

  This new chore is addition to:

  • Drinking 8 glasses of water daily
  • Drinking 2 Vitamin Shoppe cocktails daily
  • Drinking 1 bottle of BOOST each morning
  • Adding 1 small meal 3 hours after rising daily
  • Add 30 seconds  of activity prior to Lunch and Dinner (optional)
  • Watching your snacking after 7:00 pm.

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