Week Ten Recap – Week Eleven Preview




Week 10 activities consisted of 9exercises performed at maximum of 30 seconds each. In addition, approximately 20 minutes of walking time and Night time Push-Ups was added.  Even with rest between these 8 exercises, a 20 minute walk, and Night Push-Ups we are still, under 45 minutes of activity.

As you lose unwanted pounds and inches, you will find the workouts become easier, and with your newfound energy you are gradually beginning to . . . FEEL YOUNGER AGAIN.

Which workouts are you have the most difficulty with? How could we improve the program? Let me know, “IF WE ALL WORK TOGETHER . . . WE ALL WIN!

It is always a good idea to go back and review the workout videos just to make sure you are doing them properly. Remember to not hold your breath when exercising and don’t skip the warm-up and stretching routine before starting each daily workout.

Don’t omit the day of rest on Sunday. Adequate rest, one day a week, from the program are just as important as the workout itself.

My 3 Step Fitness/Wellness Program, if followed explicitly . . . WILL WORK! Remember you choose to undertake this 12 week program. You owe it to yourself to put forth the necessary effort, as outlined, to get the absolute best results for your continued benefits.





Week Eleven , we will continue with our 9 exercises, approximately 20 minutes of walking  and Night time Push-Ups.  Do your best to meet or exceed the suggested daily goals until you reach the maximum number of reps. that can be performed in 30 Seconds. 

You have received all the nine exercise workouts.  These are the basic activities of the Fitness portion of our 90 day program.  

This week we concentrate on each exercise we want to:

  • Perfect our form, review the videos again. Make sure we are doing them correctly
  • Get our reps. up to as close as possible to the amount I demonstrated in the videos
  • Try to get our proficiency level up to the Advanced Category
  • Once you feel you have advanced as far in each workout the maximum amount of reps. in 30 seconds, you will not have to refer to the clock or timer. Just do that achieved number every day. 

You should have received (via your email) WEEK ELEVEN package on the Saturday prior to the start of Week 11. You will have Sunday to prep for starting the new exercise on Monday.               

If you have any trouble with anything, refer back to the Introduction Guidelines page, and refresh your memory.      

Be sure to download and read my Weekly Preferred  Member Weekly Diary Recount at the start of each week. This you give you a preview of my personal experiences, successes, shortcomings and will provide a benchmark for you to compare your progress with mine at age 75.

Wellness Phase Portion’s, new “one small thing” added this week is:  


CONTROL TYPE OF CARBOHYDRATES YOU CONSUME. Again, this title says it all.  

Not all carbs are bad. If it comes NATURALLY out of the ground or from a tree It’s probably a GOOD carb. Processed carbs like:

  • White Rice
  • White Bread
  • White Pasta

Are a nightmare for fat loss; It causes your energy levels to spike and then come crashing down while inviting your body to store fat.

Good carb options are:

  • Sprouted Grain
  • Quinoa
  • Brown Rice
  • Beans
  • Lentils

Read the  Week Eleven Diary Entry and it will explain the reasoning and benefits of this task. This new chore is addition to:

  • Drinking 8 glasses of water daily
  • Drinking 2 Vitamin Shoppe cocktails daily
  • Drinking 1 bottle of BOOST each morning
  • Adding 1 small meal 3 hours after rising daily
  • Add 30 seconds of activity prior to Lunch and Dinner
  • Add 20 minutes of exercise twice a week
  • Add 2 snacks, 1 before Lunch and 1 before Dinner
  • Taking pictures of what you eat for 1 week
  • Eliminating unnecessary and unhealthy calories 


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