Week One Recap – Week Two Preview





You have purchased the Fitness portion of the 3 Step Fitness/Wellness Program.

 You familiarize yourself with all the Videos; Charts and diary entries.

 You have accumulated all the peripheral material and necessary tools.

You have ordered and received your Wellness Plan Dietetic Supplements.

You felt comfortable enough to proceed, and you selected a starting Class date. Keeping in mind, all classes start on a Monday.

When you decided on a starting date you were assigned to that week’s class. You started by:

  • Watched 3 exercise videos; Push Up Video – Leg Raise Crunch Combo Video – Bicep Curls Video
  • Received three (3) corresponding Workout Charts (you made 12 weekly copies per chart) for each exercise
  • Received one (1) blank Progressive Picture & Measurement Charts. These charts will track your Monthly progress.  
  • Chose an early workout schedule
  • As you performed each exercise comfortably, you entered the data in each appropriate chart as directed.
  • Wellness Plan’s task was to drink 8 glasses of water daily
  • You reviewed my personal Workout Diary recount of my First Week on the program and compared your progress with mine. 



Fitness Portion of Plan

You were supposed to start each of the three workout charts by filling in the Date and  Week number and classifed yourself into one of the three categories:  BEGINNER – AVERAGE – ADVANCED.  This week we will continue on with those same three exercises. There will not be any new workouts this week. Try to meet or exceed each of the daily goals assigned.

 Wellness Dietetic Supplement Plan

Wellness Plan’s new “one small thing” added on Week Two is:  Drink  as directed 2 – Vitamin Shoppe cocktails daily (9:00 am & 2:00 pm). If you forgot how to prepare the Vitamin Shoppe cocktail refer to Introduction Guidelines  (step two) for a refresher. Drinking the Vitamin Shoppe supplement is in addition of continuing to drink 8 glasses of water daily.

Be sure to download and read my Week 1 Diary Recounts at the start of each week. This you give you a preview of my personal experiences, successes, shortcomings and will provide a  benchmark for you to compare your progress with mine at age 75. Contained in Weekly Workout Diary will be each weeks new “one small thing added” to the Wellness Plan

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