It seems like most baby-boomers and seniors will not adopt a simple exercise program or a healthy diet . . . even if it kills them. 

“Ever wonder why?”

The predominate pseudo medical solution, by some in authority is:

“You don’t need to do anything . . . Just take this pill.”

Just watch television for a couple of hours and you will see what I mean.

One would think, that if anyone would opt for a Healthy Lifestyle, this generation would. After all, they have looked forward to a life of leisure. Now they have the time to do the things they have always wanted to do.   

My generation has always been cautioned; “Invest and save enough money to last you until you die.” Unfortunately, that’s about all the retirement planning most of us has done. Most have not actually contemplated what we will do after we retire. “Retirement, by definition, means doing nothing.”

 Even those who have anticipated traveling and doing all the things they couldn’t or wouldn’t do when they were younger, haven’t factored in, a strategy for keeping themselves healthy and fit, so they will be able to partake of their anticipated goals.

Typical Lifestyle in most Retirement Communities

I have lived in a 55 and over community for approximately 15 years. Over that time, I have observed, relatively speaking, younger residents come into our complex.  In a short period of time, most become physically inactive, and slowly slip into a state of  being  overweight, and out of shape.  Some remain  socially active and thrive fairly well, others not so much.  The tendency is to go to bed early and sleep late. Their eating habits are more random instead of being structured like they used to be. 

We have a lot of “pot-luck” dinners and other dining festivities.   The dessert portion of the food-fare is always the largest. Our directors encourage participation in Physical activities, i.e.  Palates, Zumba, Tai chi, Water aerobics, etc. They also have 2 small gyms. With all these exercise activities and facilities offered, sadly, few are attended or utilized.

Healthcare Revolution

With the event of the Internet, The Healthcare Industry has been shifting their focus from exclusively treating symptoms to promoting Prevention as an equal solution to enjoying a fulfilling Lifestyle 

Even the pharmaceutical companies insist on it, most of their warning labels state; “For this medication to work, as intended you must; be on a healthy diet, control your weigh if needed and participate in a regimented exercise program.”

KAISER PERMANENTE, Health Foundation

“Is Pioneering Prevention, and making a difference”

 Since you went digital,  your latest website is a wealth of information on how to live a healthy Lifestyle, at any age.

Kaiser, has painstakingly stressed the critical need for:

  • Eating a healthy diet 
  • Losing weight and unhealthy inches 
  • Exercising properly 
  • Motivation to action

Adherence to these all-important traits will allow our bodies to, “in large part,” heal itself to the best of its ability.

My name is Donald Thomsen, I have been a member of Kaiser Permanente for almost 40 years.

My Kaiser Medical # 0007908908

I’m one of them, and having lived in a 55 and over community for over 15 years, I have invested 5 years of my life, researching this phenomenal metamorphosis, we call aging. As much as I have tried, I haven’t found a way to stop its insidious journey to an inevitable ending.

But I have discovered how to “drastically” slow down the process by adopting a simple “daily” regimen that has literally “saved my life!” I’m in the best shape, fitness and health wise, that I have been in over 25 years.


To get more men and women over age 50 to wisely invest in a . . .

Healthy Lifestyle

The folks at KAISER PERMANENTE,  must realize that you are asking baby-boomers and seniors to make a commitment to drastically change their Lifestyle, at the latter stages of their existence. It has taken them a “life-time “to achieve their state of attrition.”

For example: Suggesting they should start a sustained exercise program, when they have not done so in many years, or if ever, is overwhelming. Even though they may agree that such an endeavor will greatly improve their quality of life for the balance of their existence, most will discount the suggestion as . . . unachievable.

Instead of giving your members, dozens of worthy suggestions, options and referrals:

What if: Kaiser’s Prevention team, showed them a specific generic exercise they could perform, Immediately?

Watch this video:


WHAT IF: Kaiser could:

  • Offer a simple 90-day program, designed specifically for Men & Women over 50
  • Offer motivational Instructions to these individuals, DAILY?
  • Help them to set realistic goals and show them how to attain those goals, DAILY?
  • Provide, easy to use,  functional tracking charts so they know exactly what they want to achieve and what they have achieved, DAILY?

WHAT IF: They were asked to commit to ONLY 5-10 minutes of Stretching and Exercising the first week?

WHAT IF: Each ensuing week they automatically received a new 30 SECOND task to add to their on-going program?

Watch this video

Just as challenging as asking folks over 50 to exercise, telling them to go on a Healthy Diet and lose some unwanted pounds and excess inches, is just as daunting.

Kaiser has painstakingly offered pages upon pages of suggestions, nutritional facts, healthy recipes, and several motivational inducements.  Again, instead confusing this reluctant generation with a myriad of excellent recommendations:

WHAT IF: they were instructed to do one simple basic task, the first week? Say you extolled, the importance of drinking 8 glasses of water DAILY!

WHAT IF: Kaiser, extracted and relayed, WEEKLY, a critically important fact from your wealth of beneficially, prescribed literature on the subject of Healthy eating, to gradually build healthy habits?

WHAT IF: Kaiser, stressed the fact that their bodies MUST have minimum amounts of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat just to exist?  They knew, if these vital Nutrients are not provided, your brain will DEMAND you keep eating until it does obtain the necessary fuel.

WHAT IF: You showed them how they could be assured of easily obtaining sufficient quantities of these 3 nutrients DAILY ? 

Watch this Video


The 3 Step Fitness/Wellness Program

When I reached age 75, I was the typical 75-year-old. I was burdened with the usual “age induced” maladies. See how this simple 90-day Program “literally” saved my life, and for the last 5+ years,  it has continued to support the fantastic Lifestyle I now enjoy.  

Watch this Video


The Key Is:


My Motto Is:

“Start Small, And Add One Small Thing Each Week, For 12 Weeks”

Its purpose is to introduce sedentary baby-boomers and seniors to a whole new Lifestyle by conditioning aging participants to, “gradually “become adept and adopt a DAILY routine of devoting just a few minutes (not hours) a day, 6 days per week over a 12-week period.

Members receive daily guidance on setting and meeting, achievable goals. Each week a new workout and a new dieting chore will be added.  As you become stronger and healthier, you are slowly increasing Reps, Form, Intensity, and Resistance Weekly.

My concept of applying unique “30 Second” workouts coupled with an “easy to follow” Healthy eating regimen, will benefit everyone over 50, to some degree. The 90-day program is designed to establish a benchmark routine that will become a “habitual daily routine”, just as getting dressed, combing your hair (if you have it), brushing your teeth (as many as you have left) and having your coffee are all part of your everyday ritual.

There Are No LOSERS

Program Compilation Timeline:

  • I completed my initial, 90-day trial program late December 2013
  • I continued with the 3 Step Fitness/Wellness regimen for about 1½ years, just to make sure it was sustainable.
  • When I realized my plan was a legitimate winner. I decided to create an automated, interactive (audio/video) platform that could be disseminated Online, (via personal Email) using triggered Autoresponders. Once the participant initiates the Program . . . EVERYTHING IS AUTOMATIC 
  • After devoting 3+ years of research, technical development and thousands of dollars, I had a final workable draft
  • I beta tested the program on a multitude of friends and acquaintances, (ages 51 – 84;  both men and women) with glowing success. (The 51 year old participant had his 2 teenage daughters accompanied him though his experiment.)
  • After a few technical modifications and adjustments, the program is now ready for public access.

Testimonial of my oldest participant:

Richard, Age 84:

  • Push-ups are getting easier, did 15 for Week 6, Day 6”
  • Using the Supplements, I’m assured of getting basic nutrients, vitamins and minerals but the metabolism hasn’t changed a great deal.  I do feel somewhat stronger some days and I do feel more positive about the future.  I need more patience as I watch for a stronger core, maybe it is an age thing and being too much in a hurry”
  • “No back pain, posture is good. My balance has improved some for sure, and it all works into a safer everyday movement . . . Daily, tasks are easier”
  • Because of the supplements, my wife is giving us smaller amounts to eat for breakfast and supper, I do have less of paunch (gut) but the weight loss has only been a couple pounds.”

I would like “meet you . . .  BLESS YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!”

When I first conceived this revolutionary concept, my initial intentions were to generate an alternative income stream for myself. However, I have accepted the reality that, I do not have the credentials, reputation or credibility, that would be necessary, to self-promote something of this magnitude.

However, my professional shortcomings shouldn’t detract from the feasibility, effectiveness or the undeniable reality that this concept . . . WORKS.!

Everyone, at any age, can participate at some level and receive life changing benefits relative to effort expended!

Now that I have my life back, “I want to share my good fortune with others of my ilk.” Kaiser Permanente has served my family well for close to 40 years and now I have an opportunity to “GIVE BACK”!

I want to give the Kaiser Permanente Foundation, my 3 Step Fitness/Wellness Program platform.

With your Medical authority, earned credibility and established on-line delivery capabilities, your foundation is the perfect venue to give my 90-day program the viability it deserves.



  • The platform is owned solely by Donald Thomsen, LLC.  I own all the intellectual property and copy rights. There are no outstanding debts.
  • The Privacy, and Liability policy protections have been added legally to the site.
  • I control all the administrative guidelines of the website.
  • I have acquired all the technical knowledge and skills required to make any changes to the Website or Automation, necessary to conform to Kaiser’s standards and guidelines.
  • Kaiser would have no initial monetary outlay adopting the platform. It is fully functional and funded.



  • The exercises suggested are non-intrusive, nor harmful because they are presented in 3 fitness levels.
  • The participants are instructed to gradually increase the intensity, form and repetitions weekly, at their own comfort level and progression. I stress “gain without pain.” They are cautioned to detect the difference between Pain and Soreness.
  • The main area of renovation is the basic core area; abdominal, chest and arms.  The end goal is the strengthen the core to improve posture and take the daily workload off the back.
  • The 9 suggested workouts are all anaerobic and resistance exercises, the only fitness apparatus required is a $20.00 (approx.), 3 stage rubber band kit, purchased by the member, in stores or online.
  • The 2 suggested supplements were chosen for their effectiveness, low cost and availability. Both can be purchased locally in stores or Internationally through Either item could be substituted to comply to Kaiser’s standards.
  • A member can fully participate in the program for just pennies a day.
  • To offset operational maintenance costs, I attached small fee to access to the Program. It’s price is presently configured on 3 equal monthly payments, based on whatever amount is decided. Payment processing is through STRIPE. I also have Promo Code discount functionality if required.
  • The program could easily be converted to a FREE basis , if you choose, with little difficulty.
  • Each time a member chooses to participate, they will automatically be placed on an “exclusive password protected” email list for 2 reasons:
    • They must have email address to receive weekly packages and communications
    • You may utilize the email list to send periodic Newsletters (see examples on Website) or any motivational or promotional correspondence required to keep them engaged after they graduate from the 12-week program.  Being a published Author, I have the capability to produce informative Newsletters (blogs) at most any time intervals.
  • My original plan was to set-up a members-only (password protected) discussion forum, so participants could interact and inspire each other and their peers. I think constant follow up with the contacts would be ideal. 


At this juncture, my main concern is, to make my Program available to as many Baby boomers and Seniors as possible. I can’t think of a more altruistic and meaningful endeavor to devote the balance of my allotted time on earth.

If Kaiser Permanente deems this a worthy cause to pursue, I would be open to any reasonable collaboration. I would consider continued administration, consulting, spokesman or whatever capacity we collectively deem beneficial to the effort.

If you choose to pursue a modest membership fee to participate in the program, CLICK ON the button below to see the possibilities of income generation.

  The spreadsheet will open in OneDrive  –  Log in with your Google account to access the Excel  spreadsheet)

The Chart is interactive and can be customized to fit KAISERS parameters.  I have initially set the monthly price at $50.00  As you will find, this price is arbitrary.


I hope you will consider this proposal, please judge it on its merits and the motivation in which it is offered. I hope you will respond with your interest, I would very much like to discuss the proposal and concept with you. I have reviewed much of your website’s content,  your writings and articles, on the subject of the importance exercising for healthy living. You analogy is “spot on,” its application is critical for seniors . . . IN FACT: it is our only salvation!

Thank you for your kind appraisal. 

Don Thomsen 


Phone: 619-417-2184