Richard, age 84:

  • Push-ups are getting easier, did 15 for Week 6, Day 6”
  • Using the Supplements, I’m assured of getting basic nutrients, vitamins and minerals but the metabolism hasn’t changed a great deal.  I do feel somewhat stronger some days and I do feel more positive about the future.  I need more patience as I watch for a stronger core, maybe it is an age thing and being too much in a hurry”
  • “No back pain, posture is good. My balance has improved some for sure, and it all works into a safer everyday movement . . . Daily, tasks are easier”
  • Because of the supplements, my wife is giving us smaller amounts to eat for breakfast and supper, I do have less of paunch (gut) but the weight loss has only been a couple pounds.”

I would like “meet you . . .  BLESS YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!”

80% of those over 50, living in the U. S., are not into “OVER 50 FITNESS” (that’s over 50 million men and women).


I live in a 55 and over retirement community and I interact with most of the residents from time to time. You would be amazed how many folks regard improving your Health and, over 50 Fitness as a FORBIDDEN, subject.

Almost invariably the conversations will gravitate to the prevailing NEGATIVE subject of; how BAD we feel. This stimulates a detailed dialog, consisting of comparisons of our various, age (over 50) -induced maladies. Circumstances prevailing, I usually find myself having to explain why I don’t join in and contribute my input into these depressing conversations.

“I actually feel sorta’ guilty, having to explain why I feel so great.”


When asked how I achieved my obvious state of (over 50) Fitness, at age 79, some will speculate that:

“You must live in the gym and constantly diet on wheat germ and tofu.”

I relate that all I do is:

  • Exercise a few minutes (not hours) a day, 6 days a week
  • I have adopted an easy to use, permanent weight control regimen
  • I eat about whatever I want, but do it sensibly
  • I do it all within the confines of my own home

When I suggest they should give it a try and offer my personal, proven endorsement; that’s when the excuses start to fly.

Here are the 5 most recycled Reasons (excuses) I have heard from my (over 50, fitness averse) peers:

  • “I don’t have time”
  • “I’ve got a bad back”
  • “That’s for younger people”
  • “I can’t afford it” (without asking what it costs)
  • “I’m retired, I don’t want have to do anything”

The most memorable excuse, I’ll never forget, was from a very close friend and relative; after pondering his options for a few moments he replied:

“I would rather take a couple of Advil every day!”


Before you click the delete button, close your eyes and imagine the following:

  • Rising early EVERY morning, “PAIN FREE” ready to take on the world.
  • Nimbly getting out of bed, getting on the scale and confirming that you are still at your desired weight, 2 years, after completing the simple 90 Day program.
  • Looking at yourself in the mirror and being reassured that all those ugly, unnecessary inches you used to have are still gone.
  • Your reflected image confirms that most, if not all, of the unhealthy, flabby, fat you once tried to hide; has been replaced by lean, hard, strong muscle . . . “that you can actually be proud of.”
  • You are looking forward to your newly-acquired, “painless” “un-intrusive” daily exercise routines and eating habits because you look and feel 20 years younger.

Impossible! You say? – Unrealistic! You say? – I’m too old! You say? – Can’t be done! You say?

I SAY BALDERDASH. I recently turned 79 and that is exactly how I start every day. Click Here to see how you can be over 50 and fit.