You have a wealth of untapped resources at your convenience.


Who are these aging Baby Boomers and Seniors?

Here are some undeniable Facts:

  • By 2060, Nearly One-Quarter of Americans Will Be Ages 65 and Older.
  • Presently, there are approximately 90 million men and women over the age of 55 in the U.S.
  • This 50-plus population controls 77% of all financial assets in the U.S., and account for approximately 40% of consumer demand.


As a result, how we see baby boomers and seniors is changing dramatically. Marketers are becoming attracted to their newfound spending power and many are pouring ad dollars into drawing older consumers.

As key players in the Fitness Industry, American Health Clubs and Gyms, have a unique opportunity to capitalize on this readily available wealth niche and also provide meaningful life changing benefits to this worthy age group.

Let me show you how!


Some Fitness Clubs have attempted to venture into this unfamiliar territory with minimal success.

What do you think the cause of this is?      Why is it so hard to penetrate this aging group of men and women?   

Why are they so resistant to participate in a meaningful Health and Fitness program?

FIRST . . . Let’s look at what you are offering this reluctant group


Gym/Health Club Membership Facts:


  • More than 45 million Americans belong to a gym or health club.
  • The largest group of gym members (by age) are adults ages 25 to 54
  • Therefore, the average age of gym members is about 40 years old.

More than half of your members join a gym or health club to:

  • Feel better about themselves
  • Look better
  • Lose weight
  • On average, members go to the gym twice a week.

OK, let’s analyze this situation.  You want to tap into this 90 million, potential member “gold mine.”

Where do we start?


The reason the Fitness Industry has been so successful to date is:

  • You know your customers
  • You know what they want and need
  • You know how to fulfill their wants and needs by various competitive means
  • You also know your completion and how to capture a good portion of the available market share

BUT . . .  What do you “really” know about the “over 50” demographic? What is your concept of aging?


When we think of old age, we tend to envision a slowdown, picturing a person napping in a rocking chair. We also hold some unfortunate stereotypes and some seemingly view old age as something to be shunned. Television commercials and other advertisements extol the virtues of staying young by “washing away the gray” and by removing all facial wrinkles. In our youth-obsessed culture, older people seem to be second-class citizens.

Although, we don’t often think about aging when we are in our late teens and early 20s . . . one of our major goals in life is “to become old.” 

How has society influenced our perception of aging?


  • All our lives we have been encouraged to save for our retirement. The hype was to make sure, “we didn’t run out of money before we died.” The inference was, money was the was the magic elixir to a happily, fulfilled retirement.
  • Retirement was portrayed as quitting your lifelong vocation and just taking it easy, for the rest of your life. I recall seeing a bumper sticker on an RV, “I’m retired, I got nothing to do and all day to do it.”
  • Manufacturers market products to retirees, that make their lives easier, they think they are helping you accomplish the perceived goal of, “not having to do anything”
  • The Health Care Industry has had its way with this demographic for far too long. More times than not, this targeted group’s (age induced) symptoms are treated with pharmaceutical remedies (including their debilitating side-effects) rather than concentrating on more rational and time proven solutions i.e. Healthy diet, weight loss and structured exercises. Many of my peers have been cautioned “not” to undertake an effective exercise regimen,  “you will just hurt yourself”. . .“Just-take-this-pill”


“This combined formula, has created a sedentary, over-weight, malnourished, over-medicated aging society with little hope of altering their impending doom. Even when a dedicated medical practitioner wisely suggests undertaking physical exercise and a healthy diet, no structured plan or monitored program is presented.” They just seem to leave it up to you to find the “BEST” solutions.

This Medical business model may not bode well for the beneficiaries but, it certainly guarantees a steady flow of customers, which is why the Medical Industry has overtaken Manufacturing and Retail to become the Nation’s largest employer for the first time in history. 



We all know we are going to get older, but until you have experienced the debilitating rigors of, “over 50” aging first hand, I suggest you consult an expert, for insightful direction, in understanding this all-important dilemma.


Donald Thomsen

I’m one of them, and having lived in a 55 and over community for over 13 years, I have invested 5 years of my life, researching this phenomenal metamorphosis, we call aging. As much as I have tried, I haven’t found a way to stop its insidious journey to an inevitable ending.

But I have discovered how to “drastically” slow down the process by adopting a simple “daily” regimen that has literally “saved my life!” I’m in the best shape, fitness and health wise, that I have been in over 25 years. Now that I have my life back, “I want to share my good fortune with others of my ilk.”



Consider me, as an “Older Model” of you. Just because I’m older, my hopes, dreams, wants and needs haven’t changed and neither have those of my “over 50” cohorts.

These new potential customers, have the same motives as your younger Gym member’s, they also want to:

  • Feel better about themselves
  • Look better
  • Lose weight

The main difference between this new “seasoned” crop of potential customers and your present younger members is: Most of  us have given up on the idea of becoming the next “Mr Universe” or a “Hot Bikini Model.” Our expectations are not as demanding. We just want to look and feel better so we can cope and thrive during our retiring years.

 Know your Customer and give them “what they need and want” not “what you think they should have.” What works on your younger, more fit members won’t necessarily be effective or even beneficial to the older customers you are trying to entice into your system.

TOGETHER . . . We can provide and meet these worthy goals.

We just have to go about it in a different way.


Some of the difficulties of the diverse clientele we are attempting to attract are:

  • Some have not attempted to exercise for many years, if ever.
  • Most are reluctant to expose their aging bodies in public.
  • Most have no idea on how to begin prescribed exercises.
  • Almost none, will have the necessary confidence, that they will be able to accomplish anything meaningful, because of their age
  • Out of this affluent, purchase minded  group of Baby Boomers and Seniors, 40% (36 million men and women) are out of shape and over weight, bordering on obesity.

Here’s my solution:


When I reached age 75, I was the typical 75-year-old. I was burdened with the usual “age induced” maladies, some of the worst were:

  • Chronic, Painful arthritis in back and hands
  • I was taking extensive medication for high blood pressure and high cholesterol
  • I had no stamina; my strength was waning fast.
  • Then something in me changed, I had a stroke, my options were: Fix It or suffer an agonizing demise.

I decided I wasn’t done yet. Over a lengthy period, I did an exhaustive investigation into Health and Fitness options and concepts for folks over 50.


The overwhelming consensus of most of professionals, specializing in the health and safety of older men and women is, targeted exercises and proper nutritional consumption . . . DAILY!


These two concepts go hand-in-hand

  • If you ingest the critically important fuel your body needs to function, you will have the energy and stamina to exercise properly.
  • Conversely, you can use that energy to better exercise and strengthen your aging muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints.

This combination, used wisely and proportionally, will over a period of time, “Produce Medical Miracles” . . . No Matter Your Age or Physical Condition.

Good Health and Exercise improves:

  • Weight Loss
  • Your Mood
  • Strength and Mobility
  • Healing Abilities
  • Social Activities

Keeping the body moving and healthy will help ensure the quality of a long life.


With steady resolve, out of a mountain of accumulated data, I sifted, condensed and eventually arrived at a consensus of opinion which produced a unique 90-day platform that incorporated the 3 basic principles that govern our existence during our retiring years:

Attitude, Wellness and Fitness


I call it my 3 Step Fitness/Wellness program


I concluded; the overwhelming importance of targeted exercise cannot be denied but, its application needs to be modified for older participants.  Instead of the presently applied method of strength-building workouts i.e. vigorous sustained exercise, for longer intervals of 1-2 hours, 2-3 times a week, with rest and recuperation between each session.


I resolved the following:

Due to Our Degrading Aging Muscles, Tendons, Ligaments and Joints, the best approach for the aging is, Short Bursts of Energy with brief intervals of rest between Reps . . . DAILY!


The Key Is:



My Motto Is:

“Start Small, And Add One Small Thing Each Week, For 12 Weeks”


Its purpose is to introduce sedentary baby-boomers and seniors to a whole new Lifestyle by conditioning aging participants to, “gradually “become adept and adopt a DAILY routine of devoting just a few minutes (not hours) a day, 6 days per week over a 12-week period.


Members receive daily guidance on setting and meeting, achievable goals. Each week a new workout and a new dieting chore will be added as you become stronger and healthier, we are slowly increasing reps, Form, Intensity, and Resistance Weekly.


The Only Limitations, Are Those, They Place on Themselves.


My concept of applying unique “30 Second” workouts coupled with an “easy to follow” Healthy eating regimen, will benefit everyone over 50, to some degree. The 90-day program is designed to establish a benchmark routine that will become a “habitual daily routine”, just as getting dressed, combing your hair (if you have it), brushing your teeth (as many as you have left) and having your coffee are all part of your everyday ritual.


There Are No LOSERS


Compilation Timeline:

  • I completed my initial, 90-day trial program late December 2013
  • I continued with the 3 Step Fitness/Wellness regimen for about 1½ years, just to make sure it was sustainable.
  • When I realized my plan was a legitimate winner. I decided to create an automated, interactive (audio/video) platform that could be disseminated Online, (via personal Email) using triggered Autoresponders.
  • After devoting 3+ years of research, technical development and thousands of dollars, I had a final workable draft
  • I beta tested the program on a multitude of friends and acquaintances, (ages 51 – 84) with glowing success.
  • After a few technical modifications and adjustments, the program is now ready for public access.


I plan on devoting full time to the administration and the implementation of the distribution to any and all men and women over age 50. I can’t think of a more fulfilling way to devote the balance of my productive life.

Watch this short video to get an idea how we introduce our 30 SECOND WORKOUTS

There’s good news and bad news . . .

The bad news first:

You (Fitness clubs & Gyms) or I will never convince this age group to take advantage of my 90-day program.

Why? Because they have been exposed or propositioned by every scheme and scam known to man. These are not gullible folks.

We have to earn their trust.

Until someone “they” explicitly trust or someone who has completed the 90-day course with full satisfaction OK’s it, they are not going to budge. Take my word for it.


Now the good news:

What does the Baby Boomers and Seniors have in common with your existing members?


Think about that for a minute . . .

All of your Members are “Health and Fitness” conscious or they wouldn’t belong to one of your Gyms.

“What If,” they knew there was a reputable Fitness/Wellness program tailored specifically for men and women over age 50,” promoted by the very Fitness Club or Gym which they belong to” . . . WHO WOULD THEY TELL?  


You got it!

Their parents, grandparents, older aunts, uncles and close relatives.

What better gift could you give to an older, closely revered, loved one . . . than the gift of renewed

Health and Wellness

Conversely, “WHO BETTER” would you explicitly trust and accept their recommendation, “without question,” than your children, grandchildren or close relatives?




The Health Clubs and Gyms:

  • They are providing a service to their members by discovering a worthwhile program for their elderly loved ones
  • They have tapped into a new revenue source without making an additional investment. The 3 Step Fitness/Wellness 90 Day Program is “FULLY” operational and “FULLY” funded.
  • The new revenue they help generate will be shared equally (50/50) with no overhead.
  • They are helping our older generation develop a new Lifestyle that will greatly enhance their quality of life for the remainder of their existence.
  • They don’t have to change anything at their facilities to accommodate these new members, since they participate in their own homes
  • The participating Clubs and Gyms have great “Community Service” PR advantages.
  • The participating Clubs and Gyms are not competing with each other because, they are marketing solely to their own members.

The Health Clubs and Gyms Members:

  • What a better gift to give to an elderly loved one, a great gift, that keeps on giving
  • You now have a shared interest with your loved ones, for just pennies a day
  • The first ones to take advantage of the program, will get the first month FREE (1/3 rd off) with the Club’s personal discount Coupon Code.
  • The satisfaction that you are making a dramatic “LIFE CHANGING” difference in someone’s life for the balance of their existence on earth.

The new 3 Step Fitness/Wellness Members:

  • If they experience similar benefits as myself and others that have and are still experiencing, they will look and feel better for the rest of their lives.
  • They will develop a new Lifestyle that will give a whole new POSITIVE outlook on life,
  • “If You Have a good Attitude, Look and Feel Good . . . Anything is Possible”


If your want a detailed “in depth” overview of my 3 Step Fitness/Wellness Program, click on the link below and watch : “My Video Journey” (4 short informative Videos about each phase of my Platform)


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Click on the link below and open the Health Club/Gym spreadsheet with Microsoft Excel. See the potential income that could be derived by promoting my proven program to your existing members. 

The Chart is interactive and can be customized to fit your Club or Gym’s parameters.

See how your creative promotional endeavors can be richly rewarding. 



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