FINALLY someone has created a Health & Wellness program that includes realistic, attainable EXERCISES FOR SENIORS and Baby Boomers.

A unique Fitness/Wellness Platform:

  • Designed SPECIFICALLY for men and women, over 50 (Seniors and Baby Boomers)
  • Designed, and tested for over 3 years by a “79 YEAR OLD SENIOR”

Donald Thomsen
Age 79
Creator of the “Three Step” Fitness/Wellness Program

After over 3 years of extensive research, trial and error applications, endless revisions, and painstaking organization. I have perfected a – 90 day – Lifestyle changing experience that will positively and permanently, influence the balance of your existence on Earth.

I call my quest the “Three Step” Fitness/Wellness Program

While living in a beautiful “over 55” Retirement Community, of over 500 residences, for over 10 years and interacting and observing this magnificent cross-section of aging humanity, I consider myself an expert in the field of AGING.

My credentials are:

  • Over 79 years of “on-the-job training”
  • An advanced degree in the SCHOOL OF HARD-KNOCKS

This is what I discovered:

  • There are thousands of concepts, methods and technologies applied by thousands of professional fitness guru’s and personal trainers throughout the world.
  • Billions of dollars have been invested in trying to keep us fit and healthy utilizing a multitude of applications, theories and appliances.
  • The results of this burgeoning, time consuming endeavor have been as versed as the number of application applied.
  • I really don’t profess to be learned authority in the vast complicated world of personal fitness.
  • It would be impossible for someone of my limited background and physical therapeutic experience, to try to impress you with my expertise on the subject.
  • What I am proficient at, and what I intend to pass on to my loyal followers is, what “I” did to achieve “my” goals and aspirations.

My methods may not be as polished, professionally presented or clinically picture-perfect as the more learned in this profession, but I pledge;

“If you commit your full attention for a few minutes (NOT HOURS) a day, 6 days per week, for 12 weeks; you will have, reciprocally, my full personal attention and assistance throughout the entire 90 day program.”

Here’s What You Won’t Get

You won’t get:

  • Some muscle-bound Greek God or Goddess demonstrating workout routines that make you feel totally inadequate.
  • High impact, high energy aerobics and calisthenics, designed to achieve unrealistic results in an inordinate amount of time.
  • Yoga or Pilates regimens that would make a Contortionist wince.
  • A gym membership, with access to a building full of “high tech” exercise machinery that requires a degree in Engineering to operate.
  • A “high priced” personal trainer that has no concept of the handicaps benevolently bestowed, by our creator, upon senior citizens and aging “baby-boomers.”

Here’s What You Will Get

You will get:

  • A 79 year aged Fitness/Wellness, compassionate, Personal Trainer and Coach at your side for 90 days.
  • Someone who has a vested interest in your personal success, because it is his, “personally devised,” program he has convinced you to embark upon.
  • Someone who would never ask you to do any exercise that he hasn’t “personally” already mastered and continues to excell at.
  • Someone who comprehends the mental and physical apprehensions you harbor
  • Someone who will “personally” demonstrate what you are capable of if you follow his “time-proven” methods.
  • Someone who will convince you these achievements can, over the 90 days, be accomplished; “Painlessly, Easily, Impressively and with Limitations only dictated by you.”




You have everything to gain and absolutely NOTHING TO LOSE