1. 8 Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure, Without Medication

    By Lynn Allison    |   Wednesday, 30 May 2018   Over 70 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure and a further 30 percent have pre-hypertension, making this condition extremely crucial to control. “While health is important at any age, chronic insults to the arteries such as ele…Read More

  2. Your Food Cravings Reveal the Nutrients Your Body Needs

    IDENTIFY YOUR CRAVINGS Craving potato chips or a piece of chocolate candy? A craving, even if you know the food you're longing for isn't good for you, can be a signal that your body is craving a particular nutrient contained in your food of choice. Here's a list of common cravings, and what your bod…Read More


    Orlando Sentinel By:Mike Candelaria  March 21, 2018 Scaling down exercise is OK as you age, but don’t stop. And if you haven’t begun, heed the words of Elsie Sierra, 71: “You need to exercise.” Mike Napoli; has been running marathons and competing in Iron-man triathlons since his 30s. Typi…Read More

  4. Why it’s not too late to take up exercise… even at 60!

    Older people benefit more from activity than those who are younger and reduce chance of heart failure by a fifth Those who start exercising in their 60s and 70s will see a marked improvement  20 minutes a day can reduce a 60-year-old's risk of heart failure by a fifth Short spells of light exercise…Read More

  5. 9 Ways to Eat Clean

    Clean eating means choosing foods that are as natural as possible. WebMD shows how you can make it work for you. #1-Pick Whole Foods The basic idea of clean eating is to choose foods that are as close to their natural form as possible. So instead of boxed, bagged, or packaged foods, choose fresh, wh…Read More

  6. Forgetfulness and Aging: What’s Normal?

    Web MD.com Keep Calm and ... How’s That Go Again? Odds are, you won’t be as flexible at age 60 as you were at 20. Or as fast. Or strong. Time affects your body, and your brain comes right along for the ride. Connections between brain cells that make and pull up memories change as we age. And t…Read More


    THE MAYO CLINIC DIET | WEIGHT LOSS DIET PLAN TO LOSE WEIGHT 10 HEALTHY-EATING TIPS FOR DINING OUT Dine out without straying from your healthy habits. For some people, eating out is an occasional indulgence. For others, it's a way of life. Either way, moderate portions and careful choices can help ma…Read More

  8. Can Seniors Lose Weight and Inches with Exercise Alone?

    From www.huffingtonpost.com – August 10, 12:46 PM “It won’t shock anyone to know that Americans tend to gain weight as they get older. But it is a little surprising that as Americans age and put on more body fat, the quality of their diets generally improves In other words, Americans do try to…Read More