“WHY” . . . IT’S IMPERATIVE to use, “The Best Profile Photo” for Senior Online Dating

This Video will show you how to take the best Photo possible to post on your dating Profile. It’s critical to present the optimum “FIRST IMPRESSION” before the dating process takes place.

Online dating expert, Carmelia Ray, offers important tips on how to pick the best profile photo for a Senior dating website.


Donald Thomsen’s insight:

Lost a Loved One?


Just Tired of Being ALONE?

For whatever reason; “You have decided to try to get back into the dating game.“


You’re probably asking; “COMPETE . . . what do you mean by, COMPETE? I just want to meet someone for companionship and friendship.“

Every relationship starts out that way, but what if . . .? Make no mistake, Dating has always been and always will be the most competitive social sport on the planet.

If you decide to enter this ONLINE arena; “YOU WILL BE COMPETEING!” And it won’t be like the old days, where all you had to beat out was a half-dozen classmates in High School or College.

You’re going on the “THE BIG STAGE” now. You will be compared with hundreds or even thousands of your peers, in every category. We all remember that old adage: “First Impressions are lasting impressions.”

You may have:

  • A Steller Personal Resume;
  • An Intriguing Biographical History;
  • A Riveting Sense of Humor

BUT, if your potential co- conspirator can’t get past your “Unflattering Photo” . . . “WHAT’S THE POINT?

Whatever you do DON’T try “trick” photography. Photoshoping your head on Schwarzenegger’s or Beyonce’s body; won’t get you very far. At some point you two actually have to meet face to face.

Don’t let my rant scare you away, that’s not my intent. I just want you to be realistic. You need to train to be the BEST contestant you can be.

Treat senior dating like any other sporting contest you would enter:

  • DON’T relegate this exciting quest to the trash bin before you even get started.
  • DON’T equate your profile photo, like having your picture taken at the DMV.

This could be a life changing commitment, treat it as such.

You do have options . . . no matter your age. I am offering you a SIMPLE, FOOLPROOF, EASY, PERMANENT solution to your potential problem.

If you give me:

  • 30-45 minutes a day
  • 6 days per week
  • for 12 weeks

I will give you:

  • A more positive outlook on life
  • A more physically fit body
  • More stamina, (which may be required if you pursue online dating)

The basic secret to living a healthy, more fit Lifestyle when you are over 50 is: “Everything in moderation.” That is the beauty of participating in my 3 Step Fitness/Wellness “90 day” Program. It’s easy, simple, and rewarding.

In 90 days you will develop a modest daily routine that will sustain you for the balance of your life. By investing just a few minutes a day (not hours) you will sustain a vibrant lifestyle that will afford you the luxury to achieve your hopes and dreams for the future.



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