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“It won’t shock anyone to know that Americans tend to gain weight as they get older. But it is a little surprising that as Americans age and put on more body fat, the quality of their diets generally improves

In other words, Americans do try to correct their softening midsections with things like salads and lean proteins. And, unfortunately, that doesn’t quite work, according to a recent analysis of physical activity, diet and weight among U.S. adults. Instead, whether or not a person engaged in moderate to vigorous physical activity was more likely to predict their ability to stave off age-associated weight gain.”

Donald Thomsen’s insight:

We All Want to Become More Fit and Lose Unwanted, Ugly Pounds and Inches.
But We Don’t Want to Waste Our Time. We can’t afford it . . . “We’re Old”

Which Method Should We Choose . . . Which is More Important?




Each method affords VALUABLE, but DIFFERENT benefits for our overall Fitness and Wellness.

It made good common sense to me; “If they are both good in their own realm of purpose, why not combine their beneficial traits into one POWERFUL, EASY TO USE, PLATFORM?” Duh . . .

Offering them separately is likened to making a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich . . . without the bread.

“All the ingredients are good, but you can’t reap the full intended rewards if it’s not assembled properly”

Er’go my 90 Day, “Three Step” Fitness/Wellness Program

All of us can readily comprehend the EXERCISE component of the equation but the DIETETIC SUPPLEMENTED; COMPREHENSIVE; EATING REGIMEN takes a little more research and investigation.

Therefore I have broken down the concept and the reasons I opted to use the AUTOMATIC BODY program; in simple terms that, “Even I can understand.”

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