Daniela Barnea, “71 and proud of it,

6 “CRITICALLY IMPORTANT” things, that can POSITIVELY change your lifestyle

1. Keep mentally active:

Challenge yourself by taxing your brain power constantly:

  • Subscribe to your local newspaper. I realize most of the national news is controversial and depressing, just skip over that part if you choose.
  • Read the local items, stay connected to your community activities.
  • Read the comics and laugh . . . LAUGH A LOT.
  • Work the crossword puzzles;
  • Check the sports scores and interactions if it interests you.
  • Check the obituaries to make sure your name’s not there.
  • Read books that interest you. Make yourself read books that explore subject matter outside your comfort zone (explore new horizons). Hell . . . write a book; one of the most gratifying things I’ve ever done was to write and publish a book.

We all have something to say and we have an obligation to pass on our insight, talents and experiences onto our progeny.

Be aware of your surroundings, stop and smell the roses and appreciate creation’s natural beauty.

2. Interact with others:

Don’t try to go it alone. Seek out like-minded friends, male or female, those that have similar interests and talents that you would be comfortable with. If you’re reluctant or shy about meeting new people from different walks of life, you will be surprised that if you make the attempt you will discover it’s much easier now that you’re older.

I found that to be true because ; I was like that when I first moved into the retirement community, in which I now reside. When you reach a certain age you tend to lose your inhibitions and become less critical of your fellow human beings’. You can choose your acquaintances at face value; “what you see is what you get.”

When you feel a kinship with someone of your age group it tends to be genuine because, when you’re retired, you cease to be competitive and reserved.

Because we are aging, our physical transformation has forcibly placed us in a unique category. We are treated differently by the younger generation, we may even induce tears of fear from our very young grandchildren, but to each other, those of our own age group . . . “We look normal!”

3. Improve our attitude:

Our younger relatives tend to gravitate towards those whom are upbeat, positive, and full of life. Consider this scenario; The lonely grandmother tells her friend:

“My children and grandchildren don’t visit me anymore; I thought it would be different when I retired. I don’t know, what’s the matter with them, I’m the same person.” “It just must be this new generation, all they care about is, themselves.”

What’s your initial reaction to a statement like that? Wow, that person has a bad attitude.

Instead of being miserable . . . What if;

  • You took a look at yourself as the problem?
  • You made an honest effort to be involved in your children and grandchildren’s lives on their terms?
  • Every time they saw you had a smile on your face, and you talked about things that interested them and not about the pain you had in your leg last week?
  • Your contribution into the conversations was upbeat, positive, constructive and thought-provoking?
  • That vessel sitting on their counter with liquid in it, was referred to as being almost full, instead of being darn near empty?”

What do you think their reaction would be after your “upbeat” visit, this time?

“Wow, grandma or grandpa is really cool!”

That’s what’s called a, positive Attitude Adjustment.

4. Access the Internet:

Take a ride on the information highway. Consider another scenario:

The other day, I was talking to a neighbor lady in her mid-seventies; I was trying to get her to come to one of our regular community parties. She responded that, she doesn’t like to attend things like that.

Making conversation, I asked her, “What do you do all day?” She replied, “I always sleep late, usually till about noon, I get up put on my housecoat and fix a little something to eat and watch a game show on television. Sometimes I get dressed and go down and pick up my mail or put the trash out, other times I sit and look out the window at the birds and the traffic. I then have light dinner, do the dishes, clean up watch a couple game shows and go to bed.”

Being curious I asked her if she had a computer or cell phone, and if she ever uses the Internet? Her reply was; “No, I could never do anything like that, that’s for younger people, I’m too old to learn something that complicated.”

Conversely, I have another neighbor, named Al, who lives a few doors down from me. Just, last week, he celebrated his 100th birthday. There were over 50 attendees to his catered party.

Al, has all his faculties intact. For the most part, he is very healthy, although he does use a walker to get around. Secretly I don’t think he really needs it for walking assistance, I think, he just likes to carry all his stuff on it, sometimes he looks like a bag lady.

Al, attends all the cover dish dinners and wine and cheese parties, accompanied by his vintage bottle of fine wine. He just recently quit driving because . . . his car wore out.

Al, has a couple of computers, an Ipad, and a smart Phone. He doesn’t just occasionally surf the information highway, he’s a daily “E-ticket” commuter. Pick a subject and Al can discuss it intelligently and in-depth. He writes and self publishes various types of e-books and short stories.

In my opinion, Al reached his hundredth birthday, partially because he has never stopped accumulating knowledge and putting it to use. He stayed engaged with society, as it evolved, so did Al.

5. Be generous:

The best way to receive a precious gift is to give one.

  • Freely give of your time.
  • Take a few minutes every day and take stock of your close friends and family’s needs and desires.
  • Many of our generation can afford, and do give freely, a portion of their accumulated wealth, to worthy charities of various types and service. This type of generosity is commendable, worthwhile, and necessary for society as a whole.
  • However no contribution can compare as the giving of one’s personal time. The effect this gift has on the recipient and the self-satisfying pleasure that the donor receives is immeasurable.
  • Volunteer; we all have God-given and acquired talents that we could share and offer to numerous nonprofit community service organizations.
  • Be a part-time companion to less fortunate elderly shut-ins, one never knows when we might be in the same position sometime.

I have been trying something for the last few months that appears to be praiseworthy and beneficial to myself and others I have come in contact with.

I have made a concerted effort to verbally commend those that provide a service for me, in one form or another. Anyone who has assisted me on the phone, online, or personally. I have gone above and beyond just, paying the fare, leaving a tip, or accepting the service. I now verbally praise them for their participation in our transaction, even if the quality of their contribution was marginal.

The reaction I have received has been mixed; from dismay and awestruck; to heartfelt gratitude. I have also noted that when I have subsequent interaction with these same individuals, there attitude, demeanor, and efficiency have greatly improved.

I highly recommend that you test this theory; it can be very rewarding for all parties.

“Our generosity and service to others are good Asset ledger entries; they help offset life’s accumulated Debits, when that FINAL AUDIT, comes to pass.” – Donald Thomsen

6. Health and fitness:

This sixth and final attribute, in my opinion, is the most important.

What good is having financial security, a well laid out retirement activities plan, and all the best intentions of applying the above character traits in earnest; if your health and fitness has deteriorated to the point where none of the above is possible?

What if I told you?

  • That this sixth and all-important attribute is the easiest of the six to accomplish?
  • That by devoting 30 to 45 minutes a day, six days a week, for 12 weeks you could achieve your state of desired fitness and easily maintain it for the balance of your life?
  • In the same 30 to 45 minutes a day, six days a week, for 12 weeks time frame, you could lose a good portion, if not all of the undesirable, unwanted, and unhealthy pounds and inches you have accumulated in your latter years?
  • In the short 90 day time-frame you can change your Lifestyle and reap benefits for the rest of you lifetime.

Would you do it?

I submit; “that if you really thought it would be that easy you would do it.”

If you would do it… WHEN?

I submit, “that if you truly thought you could do it, you would want to start NOW.”

Why wouldn’t you do it?

I submit, “the reason you probably won’t’ do it is, because you don’t think you could actually do what would be necessary to accomplish this ambitious quest.”