1. Finding Motivation for Fitness When You’re Over 50

    Fitness over 50 is no joke, especially if you have been out of shape for years. If it’s hard for a 25-year-old to get motivated to go to the gym, start a jogging routine, or start exercising consistently, it’s that much harder for you. I understand completely. When I was 75, I had been out of sh…Read More

  2. Senior Fitness and Your Diet: Easy Changes You Can Make

    The journey to fitness as a senior is a brave one, but it can happen, and you’ll thank yourself for taking the journey when you are fitter, healthier, and stronger in a few months. A healthy lifestyle is just that: a lifestyle. Getting healthy is not a matter of a shortcut, a hack, or a pill. It…Read More

  3. 4 Reasons Why Seniors Struggle to Get the Exercise They Need

    Most people (of any age) know very well that they should exercise, but they struggle to do it. However, the excuses seem to compound themselves with age, making it seem like you’ll never get in shape. Don’t lose hope! You are not helpless, you are not doomed, and you do have choices. Part of kno…Read More

  4. Why Exercise Should Be a Part of Your Fall Prevention Plan

    In our last two blogs, we have focused on a total of 10 different tips for how to improve your balance and prevent falls. Today is the 10th annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day by the National Council on Aging, and in honor of that, we’d like to conclude this 3-part series with a look at how the …Read More

  5. 7 Senior Fitness Tips for Reducing Falls

    With the 10th annual Falls Prevention Awareness Day coming up on September 22, we’d like to focus our next few blog posts on some tips and tricks for helping you to increase your balance and reduce falls. When you were a kid, you bounced back from falls, but now that you’re older, a fall can be …Read More

  6. Get the Silver Surfers on Facebook

    Experts say using social media can help prevent decline in elderly’s health From www.dailymail.co.uk – August 7, 1:08 PM Pensioners who spend time online do not feel as lonely as others their age, which could stunt deterioration of physical and mental health, according to the research. The study…Read More

  7. Is Exercise for Seniors Only For People in Good Health?

    It doesn’t seem fair the way life sorts out the cards. With every year that goes by, it seems like I see this more distinctly. Here’s a woman over here who is in great health at 80 years of age. She still goes hiking, lives independently, and doesn’t seem to have any trouble staying fit. Here…Read More

  8. Fitness Over 50 When You Were Out Of Shape from 25-50

    When you were 25, you were at your prime. You felt invincible. You were in the best shape of your life. You thought nothing could ever come in the way of that. In fact, you may have thrown off caution and said to yourself, “I can eat whatever I want, and nobody’s going to tell me no.” But you …Read More

  9. Senior Fitness Tips for Greater Well-Being

    Have you experienced less well-being as you age? If you are over 50, you probably can say that you don't feel as much wellbeing as you used to experience when you were younger. No longer can you eat whatever you want, get up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning, or go through the day pain-fre…Read More