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Personal info:

My name is Donald Thomsen all my friends call me Don. (I won’t tell what my non-friends call me) I am 81 years of age, you notice I didn’t use the term, “81 years old.” We all have to age but we don’t have to be OLD. I have been happily married to the same beautiful lady, Marcia, for 58 years. We have four grown children (three boys, one girl), seven grandchildren and one (soon to be two) great-grandchildren.

I am a published author.

We live in a lovely retirement community (over age 55) in San Diego, California.


  • I was born in 1938 on a sharecropper’s farm, 3 miles from a rural town in Nebraska (pop. 200).
  • I served 4 years in the Navy, enlisting at age 17. I joined to see the world and saw ½ of it.
  • I toiled in numerous professions (approx. 15 at last count) from Fireman to various entrepreneurial endeavors across the United States. The majority of occupations were self-employment, mostly in the construction and manufacturing categories.


  • I graduated in 1955 from Valparaiso High school. I finished my senior term near the top of my “record setting” class size of 22 students.
  • I have a P.H.D. in the school of “Hard Knocks.”
  • I have “on the job training” in the philosophical phenomena of aging, (let me explain):

As previously stated, I have lived, for over 10 years, in a 55 and over retirement community in San Diego, CA. There are approximately 500 residences in the complex. We have a very diverse cross section of maturing humanity i.e.:

  • Rich vs. not so rich
  • Elderly vs. ancient
  • Men vs. women (women outnumber the men 7 to 1, which scares me a little)
  • Socially active vs. socially inactive
  • Physically active vs. physically inactive

After 10 years of observing, most all and befriending many of our residents and neighbors, I have arrived at the grim but undeniable facts that (in my learned observation) . . . PHYSICAL AND MENTAL INACTIVITY IS THE NUMBER ONE KILLER OF OUR AGING POPULATION!

Anything else:

  • Father Time
  • Disease
  • Accidents, etc.

Are all distant seconds.

I have observed a heartbreaking, but too often repeated consistency of perfectly healthy, active baby boomers and seniors arriving at our community and in very short time enter the repeated death spiral of:

  • Social inactivity
  • Physical inactivity
  • Over medication
  • Require a walker
  • Hospice care
  • And finally you hear the sirens.

I know you’re probably asking. “Is there something in the water in San Diego?” However, the results of my National research I have conducted over the past 3 years, woefully proves that San Diego is the norm, not the exception. Sadly, even with our world-class weather in America’s Finest City, we can’t buck the trends.


Over three years ago I decided to do something about changing this morbid outcome. I didn’t know how much longer I was going to be privileged to reside on this planet, so “By God, I was going to make the best of what time I had.”

  • I embarked on a self-taught Fitness/ Wellness program. The initial transformation took place in 90 Days.
  • For ALMOST 3 YEARS since I have been testing my results to make sure they will be long-lasting and not just a flash in the pan.
  • I have literally “Changed my Lifestyle at age 75”. . . in 90 days; and I’m still going strong.
  • I have decided to devote the remainder of my lifetime to helping others achieve similar benefits from my experiences.

The program I’ve perfected is called “The Three Step” Fitness/Wellness 90 day Program. I’m offering it to those over 50.

It’s different; It’s simple; It’s easy; It’s permanent; and Best of all It’s going to be FUN!



Here’s what I want you to do . . .  Take 2 simple “quick” Quizzes:

  • Health & Wellness Quiz,The first quiz analyzes your present  condition; answering the short, informative questions will give me a thumbnail overview of your present condition (positives and negatives), your attitude regarding your basic health and energy level. With this information, I will be able to suggest the best solutions for you to meet and  exceed your expectations and aspirations to help you get the absolute most out of the balance of your life.
  • Physical Fitness Quiz, This second quiz will evaluate your present physical condition;  The more information I have concerning your present Fitness level, the more effective and beneficial the solutions I will be able give you. I will know what your capabilities and expectations are and how best to “PERSONALLY” fit YOU into my 90-day Program. I will never ask anything of you, beyond your abilities. The only limitations of my program . . . are those you place on yourself; you decide how much you want to improve your Lifestyle to cope with your future.  


“You have my solemn promise, that I will never share your personal information with anyone against your wishes.” 

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